Have you ever had an eye exam this thorough?

When you visit our office, you will leave knowing you have had a complete eye examination which will include:

  • Your prescription is determined 3 different ways to ensure total accuracy. In addition to the traditional phoropter examination, your prescription will be determined using a retinoscope and a computerized auto-refractor.
  • Your distance, middle (computer), and reading vision is evaluated through a series of tests.
  • Your eye muscle balance is carefully measured. It is often the cause of headaches, eyestrain, poor reading skills & lowered depth perception.
  • Your optical accommodation is tested to check your eyes’ ability to focus from distant to near vision, and vice versa.
  • Your visual acuities are measured.
  • Your cornea is examined through a biomicroscope.
  • If necessary, your visual fields (peripheral vision) are analyzed, using a modern computer which is highly accurate in spotting early signs of glaucoma, neurological disorders, & other eye diseases.
  • A glaucoma test measures your eye pressure.
  • A complete cataract inspection is performed.
  • Pupil dilation is performed if necessary to allow for a thorough retinal examination.
  • Your retina is then fully inspected for detachments, tumors, degeneration & other medical disorders.
  • You will receive an extensive consultation with the doctor on the results of all your tests