Deciding To Wear Contact Lenses? Or ready for a change in the ones that you currently wear?

With all of the healthful and convenient options available today, almost anyone can wear contact lenses. With materials that are thin, light and breathable, contact lenses have become safer and more comfortable over the years.  In our practice most patients are fit with lenses that are disposable and which can be slept with for periods of one week or greater.  For our middle-aged patients who are presbyopic, we offer monovision contact lens fittings which allow them to see both distance and near without the need for glasses.  We also offer the option of bifocal or multifocal contact lenses for patients who have special needs.  For those who are currently wearing rigid gas-permeable lenses, we offer a full range of services including corneal topography, lens polishing and lens customization.

It is important to note that when you are fitted with contact lenses at the La Palma Eye Care Center you receive a Guaranteed Contact Lens Success Program.  This includes a 90 day adapation guaranty with no charge for any office visits requiring troubleshooting of the lenses.  It also includes a credit or refund of your contact lenses should you need to return them.  Furthermore, if during the course of the year you are left with unused, unopened boxes of contact lenses; we will purchase them back from you.

If you have any questions at all regarding contact lenses please give our office a call.